In the next few weeks, about 9 interesting, touching and often funny Euregion Reports, gathered and written down by our reporter, Wouter Greven, will be published via our social media channels and website. We thank Pascal Moors for the fantastic photos that were taken! These Reports will appear alternately with the Euregion Stories, a series of videos featuring readings by the amazing, talented writers of our Euregion. We kick off with ‘Miets kan het weten / Davon versteht Miets etwas / Miets est bien placée pour le savoir’.

The cheerful Miets has been living on borders all her life. It started in Wolder, a neighborhood in the southwest of Maastricht, where her parents ran a border pub from ’62. Click here to continue reading in Nederlands, deutsch or français about free booze, fun and some amazing meatballs!

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