Meet the Borderlines Team!

Borderlines is the platform for poetry and stories in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. It all started in 2016 when Merlijn Huntjens contacted Oscar Malinowski on Facebook to ask if he would be interested in an Dutch – German slam culture exchange program, since Merlijn was planning to organise Limburgian poetry slam championships anyway. Luckily, Oscar was interested so they organized four slams with German guest performers in Heerlen, Sittard, Roermond and Venlo. A year later, in 2017 they held their first real Euregion Poetry Slam with a stage in Aachen hosted by Satznachvorn and a two language finale in Heerlen. That year, Oliver Vogt joined as well. Another year later they would ad Eupen to the list with the help of Marc Cürz and in 2021 Liege would be next.

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