Crossing borders with literature

Borderlines is the platform for poetry and stories in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. Online as well as offline, in the bookshop and at the music venue, at and outside the school, but always just as multilingual as the Euregion itself!

To give the multilingual culture of the Euregion a stage, we at Borderlines organize poetry slams, tell stories, portray residents in the region and give workshops.

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Borderlines Stories

Euregion Stories is a project involving word artists from all kinds of different disciplines are sent out into the Meuse-Rhine Euregion; to walk, to talk to people, to get lost and above all: to seek and find stories that originate here. The texts and images that are the result of this quest can be found on this website and on our social media!

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Borderlines Education

At the moment, we are developing our educational offering to strengthen writing education in schools. For this, we collaborate with PIT, an organisation that develops, together with schools and cultural institutions in Parkstad, appealing, valuable and varied cultural education programs, which will be given a permanent place in education. We will conduct pilots in the Parkstad-Limburg region as soon as possible.

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